About Taxon Labs

At Taxon Studios, we are always pushing the limits of digital technologies to remain on the cutting edge of scientific visualizations. We proactively explore new visualization techniques, continually adding to our repertoire of tools to be able to provide you with the best and most suitable product to fulfill your needs.

We envisioned Taxon Labs to be a publicly available resource hub, with the intention of facilitating continuous and collaborative learning with the field of scientific visual communication. We aim to provide demonstrations and documentations of our technological experiments which may other scientific illustrators may find useful.

Please feel free to browse our experiments. All posted materials are open-sourced and may freely be incorporated into your own projects, but an acknowledgement would be much appreciated!

Featured Projects


A master’s research project completed as part of the Masters of Biomedical Communications program at the University of Toronto. OsteoScope is an Unity application for viewing 3D animal cranial models derived from CT scans.


A document on the graphical user interface and functionality development of PaleoScope, which would ultimately evolve into the OsteoScope project.



A Unity experiment to create a simple application that enabled the interactive “explosion” of a 3D model; an early developmental step of the OsteoScope application

Tutorials & References

Mark Pilgrim

A detailed article on posting videos on the web, including video codecs and how to ensure that videos can be viewed across different browsers.

Marijn Haverbeke

A primer on the basics of JavaScripting. The digital version of the book is available online and to download for free, and the print version may be purchased on